you are lazy as fuck

... and you have the fucking right to be.

every single piece of technology on the internet makes it really fucking hard to be as lazy as fucking possible. why aren't there more giant buttons that just say:


well there fucking should be. I am also lazy as fuck, but in order to be super-fucking lazy in the future, im going to make all these things happen

note: this is not a joke website. we are actually semi-hard at work.

send a text message

just send a text message to a number with an optional picture

call a phone number

call someone, have a computer tell them a message

send a fax

upload a document, fax it to an idiot

send a letter

upload a document. we print, stamp, and mail it

send a post card

upload a document. we print, stamp, and mail it

change your address

because it's a pain in the ass. fuck USPS.

send a hand-written note

just like the movie 'her', you piece of shit.

send some flowers

no options. you don't care what they look like anyway

order a pizza

no options, you just get a fucking pizza

fix your hangover

a bunch of shit to cure your hangover, delivered ASAP

clean your house

someone will come do it for your lazy ass

be lazy. sign up.


have an idea?

send it to [email protected]